A note on Confidentiality.

It is my belief that - particularly for tgirls - confidentiality is an important aspect of the shoot. Most people are happy to have images pass through our PCs to post process them, and burn them to DVD (Or a USB srtick you bring with you,) but everyone is different. If you need complete confidentiality, we can simply do the shoot and hand you the card to take away with you. It need never touch a PC at all.

Unfortunately, cards cost money, and we have to add on a £10 surcharge for the card if you want to take it with you.. It also means there is no post processing, as the images will be exactly as shot in the camera.




Basic Shoot

Basic photoshoot. I take about 20-30 shots, and post process about 10 of them so they have a variety of styles / looks etc. Takes about an hour, plus time to post process.


Extended Shoot

Longer shoot, taking over 100 shots. I post process around 30 images.

This takes 2-3 hours.


Video Shoot

Video shoot. This is for approximately 1 hour of video.



Make-up artist (If available.)

“Consumable” props (Bondage tape, etc.)

On request


To keep the card the set was shot on. (For confidentiality reasons)


T-Girl Photoshoots

Special offer for T-girls.