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I have rules, and I expect them to be obeyed. I don’t think they’re oppressive, and I take the sub into consideration when I set them. Everyone is different, and so their “rules” will be modified accordingly. You break those rules, and you will meet the disciplinarian in me.

Discipline (For me) comes in two distinct parts: the physical, and the mental.

Physical discipline is self explanatory. You are bad, you are “punished.” That punishment may be spanking by hand, crop, paddle, etc (See under the “Spanking” page…) Or I may apply some form of physical pain (Because, believe it or not, some subs actually misbehave so they get spanked…)

There is also mental discipline. For instance, again, you’re bad, but instead of being spanked, you are made to stand in the corner. Perhaps that sounds silly. Yes, in a way it is. But you’ve misbehaved like a child, so you’re being treated like a child… This actually get right under the skin of intelligent subs, btw.

Discipline is a cornerstone of a Ds relationship. The Dom controls, the sub submits, and where does it go if she’s simply allowed to break the rules when she wants?

My opinion is if the sub is always breaking the basic rules, then she is disrespecting her Dom, and that is simply not on. Ever. Tease, by all means, but constant breaks of the rules, and it’s goodnight from him…

At the very basic level, my rules are:

Now, that should be simple enough for even the fiestiest sub to adhere to. Yet…