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Like everything else on this site, the subject is huge, and I’m just condensing it into my own personal experience and feelings….

What to use? What’s the “objective?” Who’s the subject?

Firstly, what to use? Well, for me, the range of items I’ve used in bondage is many and varied. I started in the 80’s with two luggage straps, and now have a playroom with hundreds of metres of rope, chain, leather straps, cuffs, spreader bars, benches, tables, even wall bars…

Some people love rope, and only rope, others love straps, others chain, some just like the feel of belts..

From my perspective, I’m varied (I know, what a surprise!).

I sometimes like complicated and intricate ties, other times, it’s simply a means to “restrain” someone for sexual use.

There’s loads of resources on bondage, and everyone has their own opinions. Google “Two Knotty Boys” for some intricate, yes useful ideas.


I’m a big one for safety, so here’s a couple of warnings…

When someone is tied up, ALWAYS check their pulses and feelings around where the rope (Or whatever) is. It’s way too easy to lose feeling, then damage nerves. And NEVER hesitate to cut the ropes is someone gets into difficulty.

BEFORE you buy any rope, get Paramedic scissors (Also called tuffcuts). They cut through rope, leather, clothes. Etc. If they’re good enough for paramedics, they’re good enough for you…

NEVER play with someone who values their rope more than you.