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Domination and Submission

RIGHT. The very cornerstone of what I am. I am a Dom / Dominant / “Bastard” if you will… I make no excuses for it.

A Dom thrives on control. In particular, the control over a submissive person… I’m not a bully, I’m not into barking orders at unsuspecting “victims” of my Dominance. I have a symbiotic relationship with a submissive person. I “react” to their gift of submission, and do not take it as a given.

As the Dom’s creed says, a Dom should cherish a sub. I consider them strong, proud people who choose to submit, not because they are weak and feeble, but because they’ve made a conscious choice…

There’s whole sites dedicated to Dom and Sub, but quickly here is my “version” of it.

The Dom (That’s me folks) “Dominates” the submissive. How I do that varies from sub to sub. Some react to firm, almost brutal treatment, others require a more delicate and romantic touch. Some need kinky sex, spankings, tied up like a turkey and encased in rubber to get into subspace (Google it) and that’s fine… Each person is different, and because I’m not hung up on one particular avenue, I’ve found I can be adaptable, fun and still be a Dom.

As I said before, my very basic sets of rules are:

But if being forced to eat dinner from a dog bowl is what starts your journey to subspace (Have you not Googled it yet?), I’ll add it just for you.

Which brings me to my main point. DISCUSSION AND NEGOTIATION. Talking about things is the best way to actually get what you need out of a relationship rather tan just a lovely set of bruises on your ass…

“I’m a submissive with no limits” - Don’t ever approach me with that line. As a submissive, you should consider what you like, and what you don’t, and I’ll work on a way to see how we can best be happy with that.

It’s a vastly complex part of me, so if you want to know more, talk to me…

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