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Another incredibly complex area that fall into two disting parts:

The “techniques” may be the same, but the mindset and physical reactions are completely different…

When you break the rules, justice is swift and harsh and is unforgiving. If “spanking” is on the menu of punishments, you can expect a sore ass if you transgress.

On the other hand, erotic is completely different… Preparation, care, encouragement, etc.

For some, it’s a complete be-all-and-end-all of their involvement with the scene. For some it’s a nice little excursion, and others simply hate it…

For me, I like giving it. Plain and simple. I tend to use a paddle, but have crops, floggers and canes, for when the need rises (For example, somoene might like being spanked with a paddle, but as a “punishment” they would be spanked with a crop…

Basically, subsets of spanking can be broken down to:

Here’s a quick guide to spanking implements… As always, feel free to discuss.