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Tie n tease

I watch with interest as you walk past.

Parading you before me is all part of the build-up. After all, what would it be without that all important tease?

My eyes take you in. From the tip of your head, to the point of your heels.

I slowly walk you to “the chair.” Guiding your every move, sensing the excitement build in you as you see the chair, along with the rope, cuffs and all the other toys laid out on the bench beside it.

As instructed, you straddle the chair. Stockinged legs either side of the bondage chair.

With one hand, I raise your skirt, exposing thighs encased in tights (No panties, as per my instructions…) Also, as per my instructions, a pair of stockings on top, with suspenders holding them up.

My free hand pushes you slightly. Lowering you onto the chair itself.

The chair is – as mentioned - a bondage / fucking chair. Adjustable, with bars, hooks, etc., all designed to enhance fucking or tying.

In its current setup, it resembles a bench, with a horizontal bar which has straps attached.

Again. No words. Just guidance. I push you flat.

Wrist cuffs. Soft, leather ones. As they tighten, I can see your excitement build. Each wrist is hooked to the bar. The tie is in progress…

I believe tempo is everything. Too fast, it’s no longer a tease… To slow, it’s difficult to maintain the excitement…

You resist. Just enough to feel the delicious restraint…

Next, I strap your waist to the bench part of the chair. The slut in you wiggles against the restraint, but all it does is increase your excitement.

Finally, your legs are captured. I slip the thigh straps on and pull your legs up and apart. A short spreader bar is placed between to force your exposure, and the straps themselves hooked to the same bar that your wrists are hooked to.

I stand back to admire my prize. And pause to let your mind wander and consider.

Helpless. On your back, on a bench. Wrists and legs captured and helpless. Oh, so helpless.

Your thighs are drawn up and apart. The straps digging into your stockings and tights…

Exposing you.

I watch your excitement grow. It’s hard not to notice.

I enjoy passivity. But tie and tease is different. It is about bringing you to the edge. Watching you struggle. Controlling you until you – literally – beg for release. And then it’s only me who has that control over that release…

I pull up a low stool and sit between your raised legs. Heels, stockings, tights. The incongruous cock encased in nylon…

“Now then little lady, what shall we do with you…”