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Gentle Tease

You sit, on the floor by my side, head pressing lightly on the side of my thigh. The perfect picture of femininity. And why shouldn’t you be? I had picked the exact outfit for you to wear.

Stockings. Naturally. White this time, to compliment your frilly, red dress. Suspenders. Feminine, fiddly, annoyingly susceptible to “popping” at the wrong moment – but a constant reminder that you are wearing them for me. That constant tug of lace, that persistent feel of silk and flesh.

Heels. Again, obviously. red, to suit that girly dress I’ve put you in. High enough to emphasise your shape when you walk, but not that high that you lose that classy walk. I like you feminine, almost swaggering with femininity, not teetering on too high heels like some acrobatic slut. There may be times when… Well, let’s just say times…

Makeup. As I do like the colour, red. Bright, glaring red. There is really no colour that should adorn lips other than the reddest of red. Maybe – just maybe, if I Goth you up for my pleasure, there may be other colours, but 95% of the time, your lips are red with fire.

In short, you’re my feminine plaything.

I look down over you. From the tip of your head, with it’s long, flowing locks, over your shoulders, down over your breasts, following the lines of your girly dress, the hint of stockings, the curve of your calf under the pressure from your heels.

My cock twitches.

I stand, and your gaze follows me.

I tell you to sit there, while I fetch some rope.

Yes, rope. One (But just one) of my favourite things.

You have been a very good girl today, so I reward you.

The rope snags your stockings slightly as I tie your ankles together. Unfortunately, as you know, stockings are expendable items with my play. How I enjoy ladders, snags, and rips in stockings. Almost as if I release the slut in you with every little catch…

Next, just above the knees are tied.

I smile as I notice you can’t help yourself…

But we both know you are here to please me. And if – IF – you are a good girl, then I may let you have the tiniest piece of pleasure, but first, the tying must be completed…

Arms to your side, wrists together behind your back.

I stand back to admire you.

God, you look so sexy. Feminine in your stockings and dress, submissive in your ropes. Inviting with your ruby red lips. Available, tied, helpless, willing…

Just what am I going to do with you?