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The moonlight delicately dances across your sleeping features. It is late - or early, depending on your definition, I suppose. The exact time is irrelevant and I'm not willing to check the time on the alarm clock, instead preferring to watch you as you sleep.

Spent, fucked hard and long, my cock has that satisfying heat to it that is both ache and comfort. Sated, but still restless, both it and my mind playing with me, recalling a particular moment or smell from our evening's entertainment would momentarily stiffen me into semi-erection again.

But as much as my thoughts are in the recent past, they are also drawn into the present by your silhouette. Gently, you sleep, your soft breaths permeating the quiet night. The only light in the room is from the low full moon that breaks through the window. I could turn and check on the time, if I was inclined to, but I prefer to watch over you silently.

It is deliciously cool in the room, the sort of lazy late summer's night that lends itself to watching over someone. The single silk sheet clings to your every contour like a wintry covering of first snow. As I watch, I can sense the sexuality that lies hidden beneath its coolness, and can still see in my minds eye the energy with which it can erupt.

But for now, it is calm. A sleeping cauldron, recharging, preparing itself for its next explosive release.

Watching over you like that, time loses its solidity. It could have been minutes or it could have been hours that I lay there, propped up on one arm, watching. The moon visibly sank a little lower, but that's all I noticed, other than you.

A slight dreamsmile crosses your face in the half-light. What are you thinking? I wonder? Walking in the park? Creating something so perfect as to be your statement to the world? I lightly blow a few hairs from your forehead to watch you better.

Almost involuntarily, my hand touches you. Simply to contact with you. To be linked in some way with you as you sleep. My cock twitches as we touch.
Suddenly, I notice that you are awake, eyes half open, looking back at me.
"Sorry if I woke you," I start.

You smile, taking hold of my hand. "I was just having a nice dream," you say.

You move slightly, and my forearm gently brushes against your breast, the nipple firming as I brush it, a low moan escaping you as it does so. Out of curiosity, I let my finger slip down to your cunt, testing its reaction to my touch. It is moist and warm, and I swear I can still feel the slight distension from our exertions of earlier. Even as I consider letting my slut have her rest, your thigh muscles grasp my hand, drawing me in towards your sex.

But it is unwise to always have your thoroughbred running at full gallop, so I decide that I will take you slowly this time, paced. Gently under the half light of the moon.

So I unwrap you from the sheet, letting it fall to the floor, to expose you before me. I stand and gaze down at your magnificent figure. Breasts, proud, thighs glistening in the moonlight, from head to toe the sexual animal I've come to expect and enjoy.
"Roll over," I say.

Starting from your feet, I slowly and sensually massage you. From the energy centres in the balls of your feet, to your calves, kissing lightly behind your knees, then gentle yet firm kneading of your quads, I mix hand, tongue and breath to paint a tapestry on your legs. I feel them respond, see them move, twitch and relax at my touch. As my hands start to reach the tops of your thighs, they part slightly, easing the way into your cunt.

But I am not ready to take you yet, nor am I ready to let you cum either. Even as your ass raises itself upwards, my hands are pushing it back down on to the bed.

"Now, be patient, my slut, or you won't get any cock," I warm you playfully.
You turn slightly, pushing out your bottom lip.

"Now now, no tantrums, or I'll turn you over and set you off to sleep with your cunt still wet and hot."

You smile in the half light, the moon glinting delicately off your face. Reaching up, I kiss you full on the lips, tasting you. "Now lie back and enjoy the ride."

You roll back over onto the bed and I return to my intimate exploration of your body.

Your butt is taught, and responsive, and I linger there, teasing your cheeks with my tongue and teeth. Nibbling, licking, pulling lightly before moving upwards.
Gently, I massage your back, running a finger from your nerve nexus at the base of your spine up to the top of the neck. Then I retrace the route with my tongue. Then once more with my now hard cock.

I nuzzle the back of your neck for a while, tasting you there, pulling lightly on the fine hairs at the base, and then more firmly with my teeth I pull mouthfuls of your hair, pulling your head backwards off the pillow. Like the multifaceted slut you are, I feel you warm into the lighter touches and pull against the harder grip I take of your hair. I also notice that your butt cheeks are clenching and relaxing in an all too familiar rhythm….

"If you cum, you'll be sorry," I warn you.

"Sorry," you say, biting into the pillow.

"Soon my angel, soon, but not quite yet. Wait for my cock."

You nod.

Turning my attention away from your neck, I slide my tongue down to your shoulder, then down to your elbow, kissing the inside as I do. Then, continuing down, I reach your hand, after attending to the backs and face of your palms, I give each digit a slow, deep, suck, simulating the way you go down on me. With your thumb, I linger a little longer, sucking longer and deeper than with the others, feeling the nail scratch at the back of my throat as I bob gently too and fro on it.
"Your ass is moving again," I warn you.


I move back up, stopping on my return journey at your armpit, kissing and tasting you there, before kissing each rib on the way down your side.

"Turn over," I instruct you.

You are resplendent in the half tone of the moonlight. Like an onyx statue, accentuated by the shadows, you spread out before me, breasts proud, nipples erect, straining for attention. I reach down and kiss each nipple in turn, almost too lightly for you, I know, but it is I who is fucking you, not the other way round. I circle your nipples, spreading away from them in ever increasing circles until my orbit is your complete tit itself. Then, lifting each one in turn, I kiss the tender underside, nuzzling it, mouthing at the soft titflesh.

And then downwards. Towards your navel. I feel your stomach rise and fall as your breathing becomes more and more intense. I linger for a little time at your belly, as much to tease you as to excite you. The animal in you is in full rise. The rampant slut, the wet cunted whore fighting to reach the surface. The musky scent of your sex attacking my senses and making me even harder. It is almost time….

I move between your thighs, spreading them with my own, and descend on you. But. Not quite yet, the relief of my tongue on your swollen clit. There are more areas I want to explore before I go there.

My tongue finds that delicate little area between your legs and your hips, the little canal of nerves that flow into your cunt. I tease you there for a while, feeling you start to grind upwards into my face as I do, trying to manoeuvre your clit into the path of my tongue.

Then, completely bypassing your wanton cunt, I descend onto your perineum. Already stained with your juices, I lap at you, tasting you, exalting in your flavour. Flicking between ass and cunt, I tease, excite, frustrate you - I dare say even anger you. I know what my slut wants, and that she WANTS it now, but I am not quite ready to give it to you yet. You will wait. Wait beyond the point where you thought you could wait.

I sit up, between your thighs, my thighs parting yours, and frustratingly - for you - keeping my cock that one or two inches away from your pussy. You try to grind down those last few inches, but my thighs are immovable. Watching you in the darkness trying to get to my cock, I am in awe of your animalism, I feel as if my cock can almost swell enough to reach you without moving from where I'm sitting.

I look down at your wet, open cunt. Smelling the sex from it, almost feeling the spray of pre-cum from you on my cock.

I lean forward, jutting my hips forward as I descend upon you, slipping into your warm - no HOT - cunt. Grabbing my cock in your cunt, you suck me in, gripping me, drawing me in. Almost immediately, I feel you explode in a pent-up, raging orgasm. I feel your rush over and through my cock and balls, I feel your thighs crush down on me, I feel you rock and thrash as all that energy is released.
After the tirade, I slow down, gently milking you for orgasm after orgasm. I devour your every move, every reflex, every facial expression as I slowly slip in and out of your slick cunt.

In to the hilt. Pause. Out. Pause. Gently rub the head of my cock off your swollen clit. Pause. In to the hilt. Then repeat. I am so close to cumming, but I control myself. Feeling the heat and ache from my cock reach through my body. My mouth explores what I can reach, while my eyes devour the rest. The frustration in your eyes mixes with the pleasure. You want to go faster. To grindfuck me into the bed - to dictate the pace. But every time you try, I withdraw and chide "my slut" for her impatience.

Withdrawing, I tell you to turn over onto your stomach. Lifting your butt into the air, I slip into you from behind, my cock so slick with your juices, I slip straight back in to the hilt. After a few slow - for you probably too slow - grinds into you, I pull you upwards, onto me, so I am almost sitting with you on top of me, but facing away from me. You arch back, my cock deep inside you and twisting so our mouths can meet, your arm goes around my neck so you can balance in the precarious position we find ourselves in. I feel your full weight bearing down on me, gripping with all your strength and milking me as ferociously as I've ever known anyone to.
I feel the precum fire start in me. The heat from within that gives about 2 seconds warning to the inevitable. I pull you to me, kissing you deeply, pumping you faster, deeper. As it draws closer, I pull on your hair, forcing your head back, arching your neck outwards, exposing the bare flesh of your neck. As the cum starts to shoot from me, my mouth clamps your windpipe and squeezes firmly around it. Not biting, not crushing, but a firm, almost glove-like grip around it.

And I feel you cum too….