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Encounter in the woods…

The 'Pop' of the champagne bottle echoed throughout the forest. It was impromptu, it was decadent, and it was fun. A hurried hamper of champagne, food and a blanket had been thrown into the back of the car and we'd just decided to do it. The fact that it was Beltane eve probably had something to do with it, but not as much to do with it as our desire to be together. I fill your glass, sipping from my own after toasting your beauty.

You are looking resplendent, your cloaked body effervescent in the twilight. I feel a stirring, the warmth of an erection in my trousers. I take your hood down, let your flowing locks of hair cascade over your shoulders. I lean forward and kiss you. Not harshly passionate. A simple kiss on your lips. They spread willingly as we touch. I kiss you again. More passionately now, with more force. Tongues intertwine. I can taste the champagne in your mouth. My hand slips inside your cloak. I feel the nipple, your right nipple, grow tense at my touch. The fabric of the body stocking fighting to contain it as I stroke it through the material. I feel your whole body resonate as I grip the now hardened nipple, teasing it to full erection. My head lowers down to suckle at your nipple, through the material, my tongue flicking on it as my lips draw it deeper, deeper into my mouth. I feel your cloak envelop me and I become part of you. Drawn into you, as much as you are into me. I suck your nipple deeper into my mouth, or is it your nipple drawing itself into me? I draw back for a moment, escaping the cloak for a second. I look at you. Goddess, you are so beautiful, I fear I might burst at the thought. Your breasts, encased in the delicate stocking, your legs, the provocative line of your pussy through the material. The animal in me is on heat. I will devour you with the appetite of a satyr. Cernunnos is with me tonight, empowering me with vigour and lust. I look into your eyes and know that you are ready too. I fall on you. Almost animal-like in my hunger for you. My teeth snag the stocking around your breasts and rip it, enough to free them for my attention. I cup your breasts, pulled together so that I can feast on both nipples, sucking them deeply, completely, into myself. I feel you shudder as I take the nipples into me, responding to my lust. Somehow, you have freed my cock. It is hard, pounding, eager to please you. Your soft hands ease up and down it. I catch my breath, it feels so good. To have your hands on me like that. Both gentle, yet powerful. Fingers wrapped round it, pulling back and forward, up and down. I free my cock from your hands and ease it between your breasts, fucking slowly, deeply between your womanhood. As my tip breaks free from your flesh at the length of its stroke, your tongue darts out and licks the end. I ease my grip on your breasts and let the length of my cock slip into your warm inviting mouth. Swivelling, I drop on you into a sixty niner. But your pussy is still covered with the fine gossamer body stocking. My teeth again rip into it, ripping a hole big enough to expose your wet, open pussy. My fingers part your lips, exposing the very heart of your sex. I admire it for a moment, watching the moist, pink pussy so open before me. Then my tongue descends upon you, first drawing up the length of each lip, then a gentle dart at your clit, before burying itself in your hole like a miniature penis. I taste you, and you taste of sex. Sweet, raw sex. I lap at you, devouring every drop of lubricant your pussy sprays on me. My face is slick with your juices, wet and wanton with the taste and smell of you. I continue on your pussy, working from hole to clit, from lip to thighs, for as long as it takes. Then, suddenly, you are on the edge. I feel you fight, tense, resist, as your body hovers above the precipice. Your hands wrap themselves around me, pushing me deeper, harder onto your pussy. Then I feel your nails claw me, ripping into me as you collapse over the edge. You are animal. You are the whore goddess incarnate. You buck into me with a lust and passion unequalled by the mundanes. I taste the passion in your juices, feel them wash over my face and seep into my soul. You tense, you relax, you tense, contract. For minutes, you continue to surge and ebb, orgasming with abandon. Then finally, you relax one last time, and I know the flood of ecstasy is over for now. But only for a few moments.

I feel the cloak surround me again.