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Potential or experienced Cam girl?

I’m looking to work with cam girls for a fetish based webcam project.

So, rather than repeat myself, I’ve put most of what I have to say up here for you to look over. If you’re an experienced camgirl, you will already know most of what I’m about to say, but this is also aimed at newbies too.

Bear with me, because this gets a bit complicated:

The "show" would take the form of a fetishy themed photoshoot, streamed onto the internet, with viewers paying to watch. We'd then offer photosets, and videos through the website, to further make money from the viewers. The first 15 minutes or so would be scripted, and then would take whatever direction the tippers take us.


There is a "basic" rate of £20 per hour, which I appreciate is on the lower side, but it means, even if it's been a disastrous day, without many viewers, the model has some cash in her account.

Then there is a split split on "tips" as they are called. Viewers can leave tips, in the shape of tokens, which translates to MONEY. That is very much where the money is made. I'm putting together a "tip" menu, which outlines the various "extras" that you'd do for tips, and the amount you'd earn. THIS WOULD BE INDIVIDUALLY ALTERED TO SUIT YOUR LEVELS. But, please bear in mind, it will always lean more on the fetish side than merely “suck his cock” element. This will be discussed in depth before you appear.

The most common "tip" is for a remote control vibrator called a lovesense, which can be controlled by tips, and only requires you to react when it goes off,, and I've seen that earn hundreds of tips per hour, and you're not really having to do anything to earn that.

Then there is more specific "tips". Such as (And these is only a few examples.): show your feet / have them played with, play with the togs cock, be tied up, get spanked, have a viewers name written over your pussy / boobs, nipple clamps, use a wand, dildo, fuck machine etc. etc.). These will all be set to a specific tip level, so basically, the more you do, the more you earn. Simples.

As this is primarily a fetish based webshow, there are more fetishy things than merely flashing your pussy, but REMEMBER, this is primarily fetish. Kink is the name of the game. If we can get someone to tip high to watch you get covered in custard, then we’ll do it.

And then, there are private shows, which generate extra income. We will negotiate them at a “per minute” rate.

Now, I'm not trying to big up the amount of money to be made, but a recent website states there is up to $10,000 a day to be made for an adventurous couple. And as you can see from my feedback on various sites, one of the things I'm renowned for is being "adventurous". Couples make more than solo females, and I've invested in the tech and equipment (Internet, admin, websites, cameras, lighting, toys / props, etc.) to make for a very good show. I'm also a pretty good Dom, so I'm used to directing the action.

Here is a basic script for a generic show.

First 5 minutes or so, are solo. Streaming the model getting dressed into stockings, etc. Model always has a reasonable amount of lingerie on. 5 minutes or so. Allows users to join.

Insert Lovesense.

Advertise the Lovesense, and make sure she reacts to it if it goes off. Generic flashing of the pussy, etc.

I enter and start to fondle / photograph / direct / play with her.

The tip menu will dictate how the scene goes. There will be a basic bondage setup, and ”tip goals” will mean more restrictive bondage, maybe nipple clamps for a certain period of time, etc. Basically, punters will pay for items on the tip menu, so it is all down to them to guide the action. A suggested tip menu is as follows:


1-14 tokens - Low 1 sec

15 – 99 tokens - Medium 10 sec

100-499 tokens - Medium 30 sec

500-999 tokens - High 30 sec

1000+ tokens - High 1 minute

Generic “things” to be done to / by the model.

Show feet – 10

Show ass – 20

Play with cock – 30

Lick pussy – 60

Suck cock – 80

Tit fuck – 90

Footjob - 90

Anal plug – 120

Fuck machine - 150

Wand – 120

Fuck with glass dildo – 120

Fuck ass with glass dildo – 240

“Forced” orgasm – 500

Fisting - 1000

Fetish Examples (All for about 30 sec – 1 min)

Kiss his boots – 12

Blindfolding – 14

Tickle feet – 20

Have her feet oiled and massaged - 30

Ballgag – 20

Hand spanking (x6) – 66

Paddle spanking (x6) – 99

Hogtie (10 mins) – 60

Speculum – 100

Nipple clamps – 100

Pussy clamps – 200

Hot wax (On breasts) – 300

Have punters name written across your pussy or breasts – 400

Clothespegs on breasts – 600

Breast pump - 300

Pussy pump – 300

“Forced” orgasm - 500

Sale of photosets afterwards - 150 -200

Sale of videos afterwards - 300 - 500

Possible sale of panties / personalised photos, etc.

At the end of the session, I will settle up through PayPal. Subsequent sales (e.g., of videos, etc., will be calculated on a monthly basis).


1. Be energetic and fun. I don’t do sultry and boring. Flashing your pussy will not be enough.

2. Be kink aware. Know a bit about fetishism - ENJOY a bit of fetishism. It will show.

3. Get on with Me. I’m almost 60. I’m no brad Pitt, but I’m a pretty good (and strict) Dom. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. Be aware of that, because if we can’t get on, we won’t be making $10,000 a night.

4. A Night Owl. We will be catering for the U.S. Market. That means that some shows won’t start till 9 in the evening.

5. Have decent Boobs. Sorry to sound so basic, but punters like boobs. Plain and simple. They also look good tied, and that makes us more money.

6. Be a sick puppy. Well, you know what I mean. Don’t be a prim and proper virgin. Let it all hang out. Be an extrovert, laugh, swear, call be a bastard. It all adds value.

7. Have a Unique Selling Point (USP). What does that mean? Huge clit, can do the splits, squirt, deep throat, longest legs around, etc.

8. Above all. BE FUN.

If you’re interested, email me at doug@asmodeus.co.uk